Engineering and Design

TESI has the experience and knowledge on staff to support even the most challenging engineering and design objectives.

Fitting a permanently installed industrial elevator in to a new or existing structure can often be a challenge. Our team of experienced engineers work with every customer to define the optimal location and structure interface that is unique to each project. We have the engineering and design capability on staff to allow customization, within our Trac-Cab product line to to bring innovative solutions that the get the job done.

Every Trac-Cab elevator comes with engineering and support service that allow our design team to work with customer engineering teams to determine standard elevator structural interface.  Additionally, TESI offers engineering services on a fee basis to help with unusual or demanding design situations.

If you have a square peg that needs to get into that round hole… we can help you make it happen.

Below are just a few examples of the comprehensive engineering and design documents that TESI produces.

Sample TC1K General Arrangement Drawing Package –  Special Purpose Personnel Chimney Elevator

Sample TC3K General Arrangement Drawing Package – HRSG Tower Freight & Service Elevator

Sample Finite Element Analysis Design Report – Engineering Report

Sample Finite Element Structure Loading Report – Engineering Report