Traveling Cable Management

Rack and Pinion elevators have the drive motors mounted on the car and require a flexible power cable be attached to provide power from the site AC source.

We offer two types of cable management systems

Trolley System:


This is the industry standard and it works by hanging a traveling pulley on a guided cage below the elevator car.  A loop of the power cable is routed from the car down and around the pulley on the trolley cage and then back up the hoist way to a junction box located half way up the hoist way connecting to the AC power source.  The weight of the trolley cage keeps the cable loop taught below the car as it travels.  This system works best for indoor installations as it is dependent on free hanging travel of the trolley cage, which in outdoor installations can be affected by ice or high winds.  Also, in outdoor installations the hanging cable is subject to abrasion and UV damage and can get caught in malfunctioning cable control gates as the car travels.  We limit the use of trolley management systems, if outdoors, to low height installations.

Smart Reel® – Smart Guide System:  

The patented Smart Reel system works by having a cable reel placed near the base of the elevator, which pays-out and takes-up the traveling cable as the car travels.  The cable is routed from the reel to the car and is contained in the Smart Guide up the hoist way as the car travels, protecting it from wind, ice, and entanglements.  The cable is stored on the Smart Reel when the car is at the base landing, protecting it from the UV and weather.


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