Trac-Cab Rack and Pinion Elevator

Trac-Cab® rack and pinion elevators are designed for industrial use in rugged environments.  Our Trac-Cab® system uses a gear drive rather than standard elevator cables. The system uses Dual Pinion Gear Drives with Dual Automatic Brakes, which ride on a Guide Rack and Rail system.

Trac-Cab® models are available in several different sizes and load capacities; ranging from small Special Purpose Personnel inspection elevators to large Freight and Personnel elevators.

The Trac-Cab® product line encompasses three classes of Rack and Pinion industrial elevators, custom designed for your site;

  • TC1K – a versatile and compact 1,000 pound capacity model, typically fitted with a 30″ wide guide rail
  • TC3K – a midrange model with up to 4,000 pound capacity, typically fitted with a 36″ wide guide rail
  • And TC6/12K – for up to 12,000 pounds of industrial capacity, typically fitted with a 48″ wide guide rail

Cab sizes, cab access doors, and number of landings are custom designed for your job. We specialize in Permanently Installed elevators, designed for your site, not adapted from a construction hoist like many of our competitors.

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