Higher Technology Controller

We design and manufacture our UL classified 21C controllers in Austin, TX.  With the help of Siemens Corporation, we have integrated the Siemens Safety PLC into the safest controller offered.  Siemens has authorized the S7300FS PLC for our personnel elevator controller, a key element to be considered for any controller.

Other controller systems utilize off the shelf industrial automation PLC devices pirmarily intended for non-personnel transporting use.  We think the highest degree of safety available should be used for a personnel elevators, which with current technology is a Safey Rated PLC, not a machine automation device.  Our 21C controller includes many safety and user features you will appreciate.

  • Weather resistant membrane overlay, similar to the user interfaces you will find on high-tech construction equipment like cranes, caterpillar tractors, man-lifts  and other rugged industrial machines.  This custom designed panel uses a printed circuit embedded along with the touch sensitive buttons you normally see with mechanical panels.  The advantages include extreme quality control of factory manufactured vs. by hand wired buttons, ease of maintenance; peel it off and replace it with a simple plug and play connection, and consistent long life graphics.
  • Each Trac-Cab system incorporates dual graphical touch-panel user interfaces.  One is located in the cab, and the other at the ground station,  near the base of the elevator.  The touch-panels give basic operational information to a casual rider; like speed, position, status of doors, etc.  And the comprehensive and powerful user interface is also programmed to provide password protected, full system status and diagnostic capability to an authorized technician.   No external laptop is required to see the operational status of major system input and output points.

  • VMI Voice Message Information system.  OSHA requires your riders to be trained, VMI can be a part of that training.  Using a simple text-to-voice software, custom site specific messages are accessible simply by pushing a button on our panel, which might include; Normal Operation, Emergency Operation, Site Specific Hazards.  The mesages are saved to an SD card and easily revised.

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