Full Height Lowering

Unrestricted Full Height Lowering is Standard with Trac-Cab Industrial Elevators

TESI Hydraulic Lowering (Patent Pending) vs. Centrifugal.

The TESI hydraulic lowering system allows a stranded rider to self-rescue from any height to the ground level or next landing, without stopping to cool the brakes like the old centrifugal systems.


Push and Hold To Lower – Release to Stop

Easy Access via Pushbutton at the Elevator  Control Panel

TESI Hydraulic Lowering vs. Centrifugal

  • Full Height Continuous Lowering
  • No  Stopping to Cool as With the Old Centrifugal Brake Designs
  • No Brake Pads to Wear, Glaze or Adjust
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Push and Hold Button to Lower; Release to Stop
  • Monitored by the Safety Rated 21C Elevator Controller for Readiness