Broadcast Tower Controls

TESI Broadcast Tower Elevator Controller – BTEC

Tower Elevator Systems, Inc. has developed an advanced, wireless control system that is specifically designed for tall broadcast tower elevators.

The BTEC for Broadcast is a high technology tower elevator control system for new installations or can be retrofitted to replace your unreliable Broadcast Tower Elevator controls with advanced technology.  

The TESI BTEC is not merely a replacement of legacy control systems commonly found in the market place, but is a systems upgrade adding modern technology, safety and features not previously available.

For Detailed System Information – Download the TESI BTEC System Overview

System Features



Color Touchscreen at Car and Ground Control Panels:

Dual Easy to Use High Resolution Color Touchscreen Display Control Panels in the Car and at Ground Control.  Shows real-time system status, cab elevation, system messages, faults and configuration information, in an easy to read and understand text and graphics format.  Maintenance technician areas and special access functions can be password protected for security.

Real-Time Cab Elevation Display:  Like an altimeter for your elevator

BTEC Displays Real-Time Elevator Cab Elevation Position in the Tower.  Elevation readout can be viewed at Cab display panel and at Ground Control Station display panel; or via the optional Remote Status Display (see below).  This is a significant advantage for safety and functionality.  Users or tower crews can know the exact elevator elevation (AGL) to aid in finding and servicing antennas, platforms, lighting, transmission gear, etc.   Ground Crew can easily see where the tower crew is working to aid in safety and work coordination.  In addition, see below for optional user level elevation access control feature, powered by the cab elevation function.

Industrial Wireless Control Network: 

Reliable Siemens ProfiSafe Industrial Wireless Ethernet Network, uses point to point directional antennas, eliminating the need for a full height antenna cable running up the tower.

Full System Condition Status in Plain Text: 

Monitoring and real time status of all interlocks and limit switches.  Simple plain text status readout on display.  No Fault Codes or Indicator Lights to Decode.  If the system is not ready to move, the display will indicate with a text message what fault condition or system interlock is active.

Multiple Access Control Modes:

Emergency Rescue Mode and Controlled Override from Ground Station

Robust Car Battery Power System: 

Extended Run Time 24 Volt Battery Power System.

Intelligent Battery Management System: 

Battery Condition Monitoring and Display with Smart-Sense.  Alerts users of low car controls battery condition with onscreen warning message.  Can be programmed to only allow the car to go down, when a minimum battery charge level is detected.

Smart Charging System:

Advanced Smart-Charging system for the on board car batteries.   Batteries will be monitored and kept at full charge and ready to go when the elevator is needed.

Top Quality Components:

Siemens and Other Name Brand Industrial Components.  All components are designed for installation in extreme environments.  Control Enclosures and Devices are designed for outdoor installation meeting a NEMA 4 rating.

Parts and Serviceability:

Most components are commercially available off the shelf items to simplify ongoing maintenance and serviceability.

Reduced Installation and Maintenance:

BTEC provides the option to eliminate tower mounted conduit, wiring and tower top mounted limit switches. This reduces a common failure point plus saves cost and wind load of full height conduit run.

BTEC Brings Powerful Features to Your Tower Elevator Never Before Available

Optional Components and Upgrades

Emergency Communications

  • Dial Tone Telephone in Cab or Point to Point Intercom System.  Uses Voice Over IP (VOIP) to add communication capability in the cab over the secure Siemens ProfiNet Wireless Industrial Ethernet connection.

TESI Remote Status Display (RSD)

  • This feature adds a 3rd high resolution color touch screen status display that can be mounted in the transmitter building or other location where remote elevator status and elevation readout is desirable.  This will allow ground personnel to know where the elevator is, what it is doing and the current operational status in a convenient work location.

TESI AutoDock Charging – Automatic Docking Car Battery Charge System

  • Eliminate need for users to “plug in” the car for charging.  This is a step that often gets forgotten when users leave the site.   This results in dead batteries and non functional car controls for the next person that needs the elevator.  The TESI AutoDock applies power to charge the car automatically any time the car is parked at the ground level landing.  Power is disconnected from the AutoDock Charge system when the car leaves the ground landing.

NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Control Enclosure Upgrade

  • Upgrade to NEMA 4X Stainless Steel control enclosure package for maximum corrosion control and premium enclousures.

Access Control Package

  • Restrict access to elevator usage via individual Key Code or Mag Stripe Card Reader
  • Restrict Access above a pre-defined elevation on the tower for RF Safety

Remote Web Access Features

  • See who is using the elevator and when; defined by user access codes
  • See when and by whom the elevator was taken into Restricted RF Zones
  • Have the system email you when the elevator is accessed or travels into a pre-defined zone
  • Remotely administer User Access and Key Codes
  • Track elevator run time for maintenance programs
  • Have the system email you when it is time for Inspection and Maintenance based on predefined time or hours of operation
  • Produce system usage and log reports

The TESI BTEC Broadcast Elevator Controller is the ideal replacement for your obsolete, no longer supported, Marshall Elevator Tower Controller.

In addition, any existing tower elevator can be modernized with TESI BTEC Control, or it can be integrated into any manufacturer’s new tower system.

Simply specify TESI BTEC controls with your order.