TESI Commitment

The TESI Commitment, “Higher Technology for Safety’s Sake”

Sure it’s our slogan, but it really is the cornerstone of our Trac-Cab design objective. Our DDDS system typifies this approach; Dual Drives for redundancy and Dual Safety brakes to maintain a 100% Safety Factor. No other manufacturer we know of offers this level of safety.

We don’t just meet the Codes and Building Standards; we exceed them when it comes to safety. Keep in mind, the Codes are minimums based on new equipment without damage or deterioration. In the real world, equipment gets worked hard and deteriorates due to environmental exposure. Knowing that, we build in Safety Factor strength exceeding the Code minimums to make our machines real world safer for you. Just compare our Safety brakes, guide wheels, or rails to other suppliers; 100% Safety Factor, heavier solid structural members with no pipe to rust out, and larger wheels with corrosion resistant double bearings. The Trac-Cab is a heavy duty machine designed to handle the toughest industrial environment and real world use.

At the heart of our “Higher Technology” design is the TESI 21C controller. In an elevator application where people are at risk, we believe the highest degree of safety is demanded. Our Safety Rated controller is elevator certified and is twenty first century designed around the Siemens Safety PLC. Standard non-Safety rated PLC’s do not have the redundant safety features contained in a Safety PLC and we do not use them for elevator controls. Sometimes being the market leader costs a little more, but we are staying true to our philosophy. TESI only uses Safety PLC’s in our elevator controllers.

At Tower Elevator Systems, Inc., we started out with a vision of building a better machine that was safer to use, easier to own, and less expensive over the longer term for our customers. We are confident you will like what we’ve done.

Jim Tiner, CEO
Tower Elevator Systems, Inc.