About TESI

Tower Elevator Systems, Inc. is a Licensed and Insured, US based manufacturer of Industrial Rack and Pinion Elevator systems.  We are located in Austin, TX.

TESI was founded to bring improvement and innovation to this very specialized market niche.    The founder and CEO of our company, Jim Tiner has been involved with industrial construction, service and manufacturing for over 40 years.  Our history and background working with tall tower construction and engineering, up to 2,000’ above ground, has given us the skills necessary to manage our elevator activities with confidence.

TESI has developed our product line with Safety and Technology as the driving factor. We believe that our machines offer several advantages over other systems commonly found in the marketplace. Some of our unique features are especially relevant on industrial elevators.  These include the Dual Drive and Safety System, the Hydraulic Rescue Lowering system, the Siemens Safety PLC Based UL Listed Elevator Controller and the Smart Reel Cable Management system.   These systems have been developed to address specific challenges common to tall outdoor rack and pinion elevator design.

Since entering the Industrial Rack and Pinion Elevator marketplace TESI has been accepted by industry, and has been the successful bidder in competitive situations to the Federal Government, Black & Veatch, Audubon Bridge Constructors, Chicago Bridge and Iron, CEMEX and other large organizations.   The TESI philosophy is to embrace and implement technology solutions for maximum safety and usability in our Elevator systems.

Additionally, in seeking out the best components for our systems, we have been interviewed and qualified by Siemens, Eaton, SEW-Eurodrive and other prominent manufacturers.  Each of these companies carefully screens its OEM’s before allowing them to purchase their products, but each after investigating our operations embraced our product.  It was very important to us in our designs to incorporate as many “off the shelf” high quality components as possible.  This benefits our customers by avoiding proprietary assembly parts commonly found on other machines.

TESI manufactures elevator systems at our production facility in Austin, TX.   The fabrication and quality processes have been developed to insure consistency and code compliance.  TESI manufacturing procedures are AWS (American Welding Society) Code Compliant and our Plant is subject to frequent quality inspections by both our Customers and Suppliers.  The facility is equipped with an 80-foot tall testing tower, allowing full function, load and speed testing of our systems prior to shipment.